15 Edgy Faded Mullet Hairstyles for Men

70s Mullet With the Modern Fade!

By Muskan Verma

Step into the realm of bold and contemporary hairstyles with the Faded Mullet. This dynamic and edgy haircut seamlessly merges the classic mullet charm with modern fades, creating a look that’s both timeless and on-trend.

From curly variations to Mohawk-inspired styles, the faded mullet offers a diverse range of options for those seeking a haircut that exudes confidence and individuality. Join us on a journey through the world of Faded Mullets, where traditional meets cutting-edge for a hairstyle that makes a statement.

1. Curly Mullet With Mid Skin Fade

Credit: Instagram – @titan_barber

Embrace the perfect fusion of curls and edge with this curly mullet, elevated by a mid skin fade for a contemporary and stylish appearance.

2. Mohawk Style Faded Mullet Cut

Credit: Instagram – @thegouravbhardwaj

A bold and expressive choice, the Mohawk-inspired faded mullet cut offers a unique blend of rebellious spirit and modern sophistication.

3. Modern Mullet Fade Cut

Credit: Instagram – @eternal_barber

Achieve a sleek and contemporary look with a modern mullet fade cut, combining the classic mullet charm with a polished and refined finish.

4. Short Curly Faded Mullet Cut

Credit: Instagram – @barberfirmat

Opt for a playful yet refined style with a short curly faded mullet cut, offering a perfect balance between easy maintenance and fashionable flair.

5. Burst Fade Mullet Haircut

Credit: Instagram – @stmntgrooming

Infuse a burst of style into your look with a burst fade mullet haircut, creating a dynamic transition between the shorter sides and the distinctive mullet length.

6. Permed Mullet With Low Skin Fade

Credit: Instagram – @eternal_ barber

Elevate your mullet game with curls and a low skin fade, creating a unique and textured appearance that exudes individuality.

7. High Taper Fade Mullet

Credit: Instagram – @modernbarbermag

The high taper fade accentuates the boldness of a mullet, providing a sharp and defined look that stands out with confidence.

8. Low Taper Fade Tousled Mullet

Credit: Instagram – @barberfirmat

Tousled and low maintenance, this mullet with a low taper fade brings a casual yet trendy vibe to the classic mullet hairstyle.

9. Short Mullet With Low Fade

Credit: Instagram – @barberfirmat

Enjoy a modern take on the mullet with a short length and a low fade, offering a fresh and contemporary twist to this timeless style.

10. Mexican Edgar Mullet Hairstyle

Credit: Instagram – @indobarber.id

Pay homage to the Mexican Edgar style with a unique mullet variation, showcasing a distinctive blend of cultural inspiration and modern fashion.

11. Layered Burst Fade Mullet

Credit: Instagram – @cesar_thebarber_

Add layers to your mullet for a textured and dimensional appearance, coupled with a burst fade for a seamless transition.

12. Messy Burst Fade Shaggy Mullet

Credit: Instagram – @everydaymandays

Embrace a carefree and shaggy aesthetic with a messy burst fade mullet, combining a relaxed vibe with the boldness of a mullet cut.

13. Curly Mullet With French Crop Cut

Credit: Instagram – @nando.quaranta

Infuse sophistication into your mullet with a French crop cut and curls, creating a look that’s both refined and expressive.

14. Burst Fade V Cut Mullet

Credit: Instagram – @modernbarbermag

Elevate your style with a V-cut mullet featuring a burst fade, adding a sharp and edgy element to this trendy and bold haircut.

15. Textured Spiked Mullet Fade Haircut

Credit: Instagram – @stmntgrooming

Combine texture and spikes in a mullet fade haircut for a dynamic and contemporary look that perfectly balances style and individuality.

As you explore the myriad styles of the Faded Mullet, we hope this journey has sparked your inspiration for a daring and distinctive haircut. The fusion of classic mullet elements with contemporary fades allows for a personalized expression of style. Whether you’re drawn to the curly allure or the modern burst fade variations, the faded mullet offers a canvas for self-expression. Now, it’s your turn to take the plunge and make a bold statement with your hairstyle.

Drop your thoughts in the comments below—tell us which faded mullet stole the show for you, and share your own experiences with this daring trend. Keep turning heads and embracing your unique style!

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