15 Classy Shaggy Wolf Cuts With Bangs

Get Stylish With the Laid-Back Allure of Shaggy Wolf Cuts With Bangs!

By Muskan Verma
Shaggy Wolf Cut With Bangs

Want to give your wolf cut a cool spin? Try the shaggy wolf cuts with bangs! We have compiled a collection of shag wolf cuts with bangs that blend together the untamed charm of wolf cuts with the laid-back vibes of shaggy layers.

From tousled waves to easygoing bangs, these styles redefine modern simplicity. Get ready for a style upgrade as we explore these cool hairstyles for you to choose from!

1. Curly Shaggy Light Brown Wolf Cut With Messy Bangs

A girl with light brown shaggy wolf cut and spectacles smiling at the camera
Credit: Instagram – @hairby_nicole

If you are looking for a dynamic and edgy hairstyle, but with an unkempt look, we highly recommend checking this curly shaggy wolf cut with messy bangs for light brown hair.

2. 70’s Shaggy Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs for Straight Hair

a woman with jet black hair and black shaggy wolf cut, smiling at the camera
Credit: Instagram – @ashadoeshair

Ring in the retro vibe with this 70’s shaggy wolf cut with curtain bangs on all-black straight hair. Even though it’s a little tough to achieve the rough shaggy look on straight hair, this wolf cut with strategically planned layers and bangs looks pretty shaggy in its own way.

3. Layered Shag Wolf Cut With Choppy Bangs on Long Hair

a girl with long shag wolf cut with choppy bangs, wearing a nose ring, neck chain and sleeveless black top
Credit: Instagram – @_akihiroueno_

This beautifully layered shag wolf cut on long black hair, combined with extended choppy bangs look smart, stylish and chic. The layers add an element of grace, while the choppy bangs add a touch of playfulness to the overall look.

4. Blonde Shaggy Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

a blonde girl with green eyes and blonde shaggy wolf cut posing for the camera in a black top
Credit: Instagram – @prose

Bored with your all-blonde look? Give it a shaggy twist with this medium shaggy wolf cut with curtain bangs. The shaggy style brings out the edgy element in your blonde hair, while the curtain bangs add a bouncy feel to the overall look.

5. Long Shag Wolf Cut with Top Knot and Extended Bangs on Blonde Hair

a blonde girl with long hair in a top knot with a wolf cut, and green eyes, wearing a printed black tshirt
Credit: Instagram – @bel_pipsqueekinsaigon

Even though most people believe that the shaggy wolf cut looks best in short or medium hair, this long shaggy wolf cut with extended bangs and a top knot is nothing short of extraordinary. The layered wolf cut and extended bangs look like a visual delight.

6. Curly Shag Wolf Cut With Short Curly Bangs

a girl with curly hair and curly bangs, smiling, wearing a green turtle neck and printed blue open cardigan
Credit: Instagram – craphairclub

We are here to make another misconception sleep. Many people also believe the shaggy wolf cut is not a good option for those with curly here. Do you still believe so? We were delighted to see how the short curly bangs are complementing the edgy shaggy wolf cut look.

7. Short Wavy Shag Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

a girl with short brown shag wolf cut, posing away from the camera, wearing colorful clothes
Credit: Instagram – scissoredbyfig

Here’s how you can ace the shag wolf cut look in your short hair. The curtain bangs and wavy layers add both edginess and volume to the overall look.

8. Shaggy Wolf Cut With Tousled Colorful Bangs and Front Layers

A girl with tousled shaggy wolf cut and colorful bangs and front layers, wearing a nose ring and grey sweatshirt
Credit: Instagram – @pulpriothair

If you are all ready to sport a daring look, this tousled shaggy wolf cut with bright blue, parrot green and neon yellow highlights on the bangs and front layers can be an excellent choice. The base hair is also triple-toned with hints of black, blonde and light brown. This shaggy wolf cut look is all about boldness and casual appeal.

9. Fluffy Shag Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs and Face Layers

a girl with fluffy shag wolf cut and curtain bangs smiling at the camera, wearing a beige sweater
Credit: Instagram – @andreeaiOnita

If you are looking for an outgoing hairstyle with a bouncy look, this fluffy shag wolf cut with curtain bangs and face layers can be an impeccable choice. The duo-toned black and brown hair are beautifully decorated with out-turned wavy layers that highlight the face and fluffy curtain bangs that instill a sense of playfulness to the overall look.

10. Shag Mullet Wolf Cut With Asymmetric Micro Bangs

a girl with a shag mullet wolf cut with asymmetric bangs, and green eyes, wearing a sleeveless printed white tshirt.
Credit: Instagram – @florence.hair

If you want your entire wolf cut look to be asymmetric and dramatic, this shag mullet wolf cut with asymmetric bangs for long hair can be your best bet. Every element of this look, from the micro bangs to the shag mullet wolf cut layers are uneven, resulting in a casual and edgy look.

11. Medium Shag Wolf Cut With Wavy Curtain Bangs

A girl with black shag wolf cut and brown eyes, smiling in a candid pose and wearing a blue camisole top
Credit: Instagram – @sweetjanesalon

This wavy shag wolf cut look is very different than all other wavy shag wolf cut looks on our list. If you notice closely, the wavy layers are short and curled. Similarly, the wavy bangs are also bouncy and curled.

12. Long Wavy Shag Wolf Cut With Wispy Bangs

A girl with a long wavy wolf cut with wispy bangs, wearing glasses and leopard print camisole top.
Credit: Instagram – @hairbydarceee

This long wavy shag wolf cut in blonde hair looks elegant and classy, but the wispy bangs also add an element of naughtiness to the overall look.

13. Blonde Balayage Shaggy Wolf Cut With Bottleneck Bangs

a girl with balayage shaggy wolf cut and face layers with bottleneck bangs, wearing an off-shoulder white sweater
Credit: Instagram – @erika.king_

Here’s another charming and graceful shaggy wolf cut look with the warmth of balayage and chicness of bottleneck bangs. This wolf cut look can be a great pick for straight hair.

14. Black Shag Mullet Pixie Wolf Cut With Bangs

A girl with a shag mullet pixie wolf cut, with eye make up, wearing hoop earrings
Credit: Instagram – @therighthairstyles

Get ready to showcase the swag of the shaggy look in a pixie wolf cut. The straight bangs add an additional element of edginess to the overall look.

15. Ginger Shag Medium Wolf Cut With Short Choppy Bangs

a ginger shaggy wolf cut hair girl with green eyes wearing a neck chain and printed black tshirt
Credit: Instagram – @ajswicked

You can even flaunt the shaggy wolf cut look in ginger hair and add an element of fun with choppy bangs. Just when you thought the ginger shade was enough to make heads turn, we presented an innovative look that you cannot ignore!

With that, we come to the end of the list of beautiful shag wolf cuts with various types of bangs! We hope you’ve found inspiration for your next hairstyle. If you enjoyed exploring these variations, share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, let us know which of these is your favorite!


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