15 Different Types of Bangs to Try Out!

Time to Go Bang!

By Muskan Verma

Explore the diverse world of hairstyles with our comprehensive guide on “Types of Bangs.” From classic styles to trendy variations, this article is your go-to resource for discovering the perfect fringe to complement your unique personality and enhance your overall look.

Whether you prefer blunt, side-swept, or wispy bangs, we’ve got you covered with insights into the latest trends and timeless options that transcend fashion eras. Dive into the realm of bangs and find the ideal style that frames your face and reflects your individual flair.

1. Curtain Bangs

Credit: Instagram – @hirohair

Curtain bangs are a feathered cut that creates a mussed-up, cool-girl look. They are low-maintenance, work with all hairlines, and are fairly user-friendly to style. The bangs are typically blown out, curling under toward the face, and parted, creating a face-framing effect.

2. Layered Bangs

Credit: Instagram – @latesthair

Layered bangs offer a versatile and modern appearance. Blending seamlessly into the hair, layered bangs come in various lengths, providing flexibility in styling. They can be parted down the middle, styled straight, or swept to the side, offering a less committal look with different styling options.

3. Curly Bangs

Credit: Instagram – @curlcousin

Contrary to common belief, curly bangs celebrate natural curls and are typically cut longer to accommodate the curling effect. This style adds a unique and playful touch to the overall look, emphasizing and embracing the texture of curly hair.

4. Choppy Bangs

Credit: Instagram – @lightenuptheworld

Choppy bangs add texture and edge to the hairstyle. They feature varying lengths, providing more definition than blunt bangs. Typically styled straight, choppy bangs offer a bit more flair and character to the overall look.

5. Bottleneck Bangs

Credit: Instagram – @shelleygregoryhair

Bottleneck bangs are characterized by a unique curve, shaped shorter at the top and cascading to longer lengths around the eye and cheek line. Universally flattering, a middle part works best for this sophisticated look, and a round brush is used to dry strands away from the face.

6. Piecey Bangs

Credit: Instagram – @ratt_tail

Piecey bangs have well-defined, separated strands, creating a messy yet coifed feel. This feathery and choppy cut adds a playful touch to the overall appearance, making it an ideal choice for those with thick hair.

7. Braided Bangs

Credit: Instagram – @poisedupstudio

Braided bangs offer a creative and stylish twist to the traditional bangs style. Whether short or tucked into loops, braided bangs provide a unique and eye-catching look. Accessorizing with a chic headwrap elevates the style even further.

8. Blunt Bangs

Credit: Instagram – @latesthair

Blunt bangs make a bold and classic statement. Cut straight across the forehead without layers, blunt bangs exude sophistication and can be sleek and smooth. Using a top-tested frizz-control product keeps flyaways at bay, maintaining a shiny and polished look.

9. Wispy Bangs

Credit: Instagram – @moeko_furuya

Wispy bangs are light and fine, with feathering on the ends for a barely-there, soft look. Ideal for those with minimal hair density who appreciate low maintenance, wispy bangs stop softly at the brows. Using a detangling comb and low heat during drying maintains their delicate appearance.

10. Wavy Bangs

Credit: Instagram – @elizabethlingafelt

Wavy bangs embrace the natural texture of wavy hair. By letting the hair’s texture shine through, wavy bangs achieve an effortlessly chic appearance without the need for excessive blow-drying. Applying a leave-in hair conditioner helps keep the hair feeling smooth and enhances the natural waves.

11. Side-Swept Bangs

Credit: Instagram – @latesthair

Side-swept bangs create an elegant and angular look, particularly flattering on round faces. This style works at eye level, cheekbone, and jawline. Using a blow-dryer and a Wet Brush Shine Enhancer brush achieves a smooth and polished finish, while a flexible hold hairspray locks in smoothness and shine.

12. Clip-On Bangs

Credit: Instagram – @hairdousa

Clip-on bangs provide a commitment-free way to experiment with different styles before making a permanent cut. Ideal for testing which bangs work best with your face shape, clip-on bangs can be accessorized with clips or headbands for instant style.

13. Micro Bangs

Credit: Instagram – @caithelle_hair

Micro bangs, smaller than baby bangs, are cut somewhere in the middle of the forehead. Offering a bold and unique statement, micro bangs require some maintenance but can result in a striking and distinctive look. Styling options include wearing them straight down or to the side.

14. Shaggy Bangs

Credit: Instagram – @cultureclubsalon

Shaggy bangs contribute to an effortlessly carefree look. Featuring choppy and blended layers, shaggy bangs can be left to air-dry naturally or enhanced with a texturizing spray for added life and movement. This style is ideal for those seeking an undone, relaxed vibe.

As you embark on your bangs journey, we hope our guide to the “Types of Bangs” has inspired you to embrace a new look or refine your current hairstyle. Whether you’re drawn to the bold statement of blunt bangs or the soft allure of curtain bangs, the choices are as varied as your style preferences.

Share your thoughts and experiences with different bangs styles in the comments below; we’d love to hear about your favorite looks and any styling tips you have! Keep experimenting, and may your fringe always frame your face with confidence and charm. Ready for a bangin’ transformation? Dive into the world of fringe possibilities now!


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