27 Best Wolf Cut Hairstyles for Women for All Hair Types, Lengths and Colors!

A Modern Day Fusion of the Shag and Mullet Hairstyle - the Wolf Cut!

By Muskan Verma
wolf cut

What Is a Wolf Cut Hairstyle and Why Is it so Popular?

A wolf cut hairstyle combines the elements of the shag haircut and the mullet haircut. It features layered, shaggy chunks on top and wavy, wispy ends at the back. The style is called a wolf cut as it is edgy and textured, resembling the fur of a wolf.

The wolf cut has found its feet among the celebrities and social media influencers. Celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, and Keke Palmer, have all presented their versions of the wolf cut to their audiences! 

The hashtag #wolfcut has almost 5B views on TikTok and over 200K posts on Instagram, and that’s just one hashtag, not all the variations! This goes on to show how popular this haircut is among people!

This article will feature a collection of 27 different wolf cut hairstyle variations, based on your hair type, hair color, hair length and what’s trending among people presently!

Best Wolf Cut Personalized to Suit Your Individual Style

Best Wolf Cuts for Different Hair Size

1. Medium-Length Wolf Cut

A woman wearing a black t-shirt in a salon
Credit: Instagram – @tom_edwardsandco

A versatile and wearable option for medium-length hair! Looks great on any hair color! To check out more medium wolf cut options, check out our complete guide!

2. Long Hair Wolf Cut

A woman with long blonde hair is posing for a photo outside.
Credit: Instagram – @hnb_salon

Trying a wolf cut adds a bounce to long hair, making them look even more stunning! Check out our complete guide for the best long wolf cut options to choose from!

3. Short Wolf Cut

A woman wearing a wolf cut with bangs in front of a stone wall.
Credit: Instagram – @medusahairdressing

A cute and chic bob style paired with the wolf cut! Gives people with short hair a great option for a unique hairstyle! Check out our countdown for the best short wolf cuts to choose from!

4. Long Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

A young woman smiling in a hair salon
Credits: Instagram – @hairbymonicaperez

This hairstyle complements longer lengths and medium to thick hair textures. The layers throughout the length remove bulk from long hair. If you want to check out other wolf cuts with bangs, check out our guide on the same!

5. Short Bob Wolf Cut

a girl with short black hair wearing a mask
Credit: Instagram – @colors_hair_salon_singapore

The bob length adds volume and fullness to the hair, making it look fluffy and voluminous.

Best Wolf Cuts for Different Hair Colors

1. Rainbow Wolf Cut

A woman with rainbow-colored hair in a salon.
Credit: Instagram – @hair_by_tonii

This hairstyle combines several colors to mimic the appearance of a rainbow. You can choose which color to place where on your hair to highlight that color!

2. Red Wolf Cut

A woman with red hair wearing a purple corduroy jacket.
Credit: Instagram – @remeccahair

Red hair is bright and bold, making it a perfect color for drawing attention to your haircut and texture. The wolf cut’s choppy layers will be more visible. Combine it with face-framing curtain bangs or a wispy fringe to add softness to your look. Check out our complete guide for more red wolf cut options!

3. Bleached Blonde Wolf Cut

A blonde woman wearing a black top and a pair of rings.
Credit: Instagram – @patriziamanias

This hair color is perfect for showing off hair texture and highlighting the choppy layers of the wolf cut. Check out our guide on the best wolf cut ideas for blonde hair for more choices!

4. Blue Wolf Cut

A woman with blue wolf cut hair and tattoos, and nose ring
Credit: Instagram – @eccentricem

Blue is a bold color choice for your hair which will surely have eyes turning. Pairing it with a wolf cut will give you a standout look.

5. Two-Tone Wolf Cut

A woman in a tweed jacket with a wavy cut.
Credit: Instagram – @katyreevehair

As the name suggests, this hairstyle involves using two different hair color tones. You can experiment with the placement of the colors on your hair. If you are a fan of highlights, check out our complete guide on the best wolf cuts with highlights!

6. Pink Wolf Cut

selfie of a girl with pink wolf cut

Elevate your long, subtly pink locks to a new level with this long pink curly wolf cut that boasts playful curls and stylish side-swept bangs. The curls bring a delightful touch of playfulness, while the side-swept bangs infuse your look with a trendy and edgy vibe. Check out our list of the best pink wolf cuts for more options!

Best Wolf Cuts for Different Hair Types

1. Curly Wolf Cut

A woman with curly hair standing in front of a store.
Credit: Instagram – @craphairclub

This style is ideal for curly hair, adding volume and movement. The curls create a blended and subtle look, adding extra softness to the overall appearance. Check out our guide on the best curly wolf cuts to get more exciting ideas!

2. Layered Wolf Cut

A woman with layered blonde hair wearing a face mask in front of a sign.
Credit: Instagram – @blondehairsalon_

This hairstyle features choppy layers on top and longer layers around the sides of the head. It concentrates volume on the top half of the head, becoming thinner toward the hair ends.

3. Shaggy Wolf Cut

A young woman with long hair and freckles smiles for the camera.
Credit: Instagram – @he_paints_her

This hairstyle blends a shag and a mullet cut. It has short layers on the top of the head that blend into curtain bangs designed to frame the face.

4. Wolf Cut Mullet

A red-haired girl with a mullet wolf cut
Credit: Instagram – @wakkokapper

A spin on retro and current trends, featuring a mullet-inspired wolf cut! Check out more mullet wolf cuts in our complete guide! Also, if you have ginger hair, you may want to have a look at some of the best ginger wolf cuts for you to try on!

5. Wavy Hair Wolf Cut

A woman with long brown hair smiling in front of a camera.
Credit: Instagram – @teddy.baker.beauty

Wavy hair is ideal for the wolf cut as it adds natural texture and character to the hairstyle. The layers in the cut can enhance the waves and create a more blended appearance. Check out our showcase of wavy wolf cuts to choose one for yourself! Also, if you have brown hair and want to see more options for a brown wolf cut, we have you covered!

6. Wavy Wolf Cut with Wispy Bangs

A woman with a wolf cut wearing glasses in front of a yellow background.
Credit: Instagram – @oliverthehairapist

This hairstyle is defined by its heavy layers, creating a choppy and voluminous appearance. The natural waves in textured hair make styling the cut much easier, achieving a more blended and effortless look. Add wispy bangs to frame your face. Want other options for black hair? Check out our guide for the best black wolf cuts!

7. Curly Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

A blonde woman with curly hair is smiling for the camera.
Credit: Instagram – @adhd.khaleesi

Curly hair is great for the wolf cut as it reduces the need for styling. Pair it with curtain bangs to highlight your features and create a feminine and romantic finish.

8. Wolf Cut with Dreadlocks

A woman with dreadlocks and a black jacket.
Credit: Pinterest – @ETSY

A not-so-common hairstyle for dreadlocks but if done correctly, this look is an absolute game changer!

Most Trending Wolf Cuts

1. Trendy Wolf Cut

A woman wearing a mask in front of a store.
Credit: Instagram – @livingdedhair

Yes, one of the most trending wolf cuts is the “trendy” wolf cut. A mix of wispy and choppy layers on a medium-long length is gaining popularity in 2023. That, coupled up with the two-tone look is an absolute trendsetter.

2. Butterfly Wolf Cut

A woman with long blond hair and bangs, looking away
Credit: Instagram – @itsscience.co.uk

The butterfly wolf cut combines the edgy and textured elements of the Wolf Cut with feathered ends and integrated shorter layers on top. This creates a dynamic and trendy hairstyle for those with longer hair.

3. Korean Wolf Cut

A woman with a korean wolf cut in a kimono is taking a selfie
Credit: Instagram – @khaanzugii

This style features natural choppiness and texture, with soft and graduated layers framing the face. It is shorter in the front and tapered in the back, similar to a mullet. We see many K-Pop stars donning the wolf cut hairstyle! Check out our guide on the best Korean wolf cuts for more options!

4. Textured Wolf Cut with Big Hair

A woman with long blonde hair in a salon.
Credit: Instagram – @lykoconcept

The wolf cut is all about volume, and textured hair is perfect for the same. Use heat styling and blow-drying techniques to create different textures like curls, waves, or straight hair. The more volume, the better, as it softens your features and frames your face.

5. Jellyfish Wolf Cut

A girl with two-tone long hair and jellyfish wolf cut, wearing a mask
Credit: Instagram – @cindyearlcovic

The Jellyfish Wolf Cut features an appealing tentacle-style haircut combined together with the edgy and textured attributes of the wolf cut. It results in a unique, bold and artistic hairdo.

6. Extended Wolf Cut with Balayage Highlights

A woman with long balayage hair in a black jacket
Credit: Instagram – @dimitrishair

A more stylish and creative version of a mullet. It follows a similar pattern and shape but has the softness and wearability of a shag cut. Works best with long hair. The balayage highlights add a touch of classiness to this hairstyle! Check out our complete guide on the best balayage wolf cuts for more!

7. Pixie Wolf Cut

A girl with a two-toned pixie wolf cut, posing for the camera
Credit: Instagram – @happyinthehead

Who says you cannot combine a pixie and a wolf cut? This hairstyle brings these two trends together with the shagginess of a wolf cut but in a sweet pixie form! Úrsula Corberó (Tokyo from Money Heist) had one of the most iconic pixie wolf cuts!

8. Wolf Cut With Braids

Girl with braided wolf cut
Credit: Instagram – @ruby_adms

See the wolf cut style shine in this long hairstyle with braids. Turn your long hair into an all-braided look, adding that cool edge of the wolf cut. Check out more braided wolf cuts in our complete guide!

How to Cut a Wolf Cut at Home?

Taking risks with your hair is something we do not recommend. Always consult/use the service of a professional to get a particular haircut. Regardless, if you still wish to try the wolf cut at home yourself, here’s how you do it!

1. Gather Your Hair Into a High Ponytail

Start off by brushing your hair evenly to ensure there are no knots or tangles. If your hair length allows, make a high ponytail towards the front of your forehead. This will allow you to create layered lengths throughout your hair with relative ease. If you’ve short hair, opt for a ‘half-up ponytail’ by gathering hair from your ears and above.

2. Trim 2 to 4 Inches of Hair

Pull your high ponytail forward over your forehead and hold it there. Be careful to keep your hand and ponytail steady. The initial length you cut off determines the overall length of your layers. To maintain longer layers, trim about 2 inches (5.1 cm) from the ends. If you prefer shorter layers, we recommend a 4-inch (10 cm) trim.

3. Add Texture With Point Cutting

Post the initial cut, you might notice your hair looks somewhat blunt (hair cut evenly and straight across without layers or texture, resulting in a uniform, squared-off appearance). Adding texture and bounce, and removing some volume from the layers is relatively easy.

Grab hair-cutting scissors and point them upward into the hair. Gradually snip the scissors halfway to snip small amounts of hair. This will remove the blunt look and add a layered look to your wolf cut.

4. Release Your Hair and Create a Middle Part

With the initial layers in place, let your hair down from the ponytail. Part your hair down the middle, and TA-DA! You’ll notice the varying lengths of your amazing wolf cut.

If you’re dissatisfied with the shortness of your hair, you can always put your hair back in a pony and trim some more. We recommend starting with a cautious and conservative approach. Start by trimming smaller lengths and if unsatisfactory, trim them some more. Trimming a longer length right away and regretting it thereafter doesn’t sound right!

And there you have it folks! 27 stunning different wolf cut styles that you can experiment with if you are a fan of the wolf cut!


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