25 Whimsical Pixie Wolf Cut Ideas

Is Combining the Wolf Cut and Pixie Cut the Right Call?

By Muskan Verma
Pixie Wolf Cut

Are you ready to embrace the enchanting fusion of the pixie and wolf cut hairstyles? Look no further, as we embrace a world of whimsy and charm with our curated collection of the best pixie wolf cuts!

This delightful blend of the short and sassy pixie cut with the wild allure of the wolf cut results in a hairstyle that’s bold, daring, and full of personality.

Get inspiration and find the perfect pixie wolf cut that resonates with your spirit!

1. Blue Pixie Mullet Wolf Cut

a girl with a blue pixie wolf cut wearing a mask
Credit: Instagram – @parlourbeauty_yyc

Going all bold with bright blue hair? Why not elevate the boldness with a pixie mullet wolf cut? The vibrant blue shade adds an extra edge to this trendy hairstyle, making it a perfect choice for those who embrace the unconventional.

2. Copper Pixie Mullet Wolf Cut

a girl with a copper colored pixie wolf cut wearing a mask
Credit: Instagram – @hairiswhatyoumakeit

This copper pixie mullet wolf cut is a stunning blend of warmth and style. The rich copper tones add a touch of sophistication to this dynamic hairstyle, delivering a beautiful and eye-catching look.

3. Pixie Shag Mullet Wolf Cut

A girl with a shag mullet pixie wolf cut, with eye make up, wearing long earrings
Credit: Instagram – @therighthairstyles

See what happens when the edgy pixie cut decides to marry the trendy shag mullet wolf cut! Effortless chic takes center stage with this pixie shag mullet wolf cut.

4. Pink Pixie Mullet Wolf Cut With Asymmetrical Bangs

a girl with short pink pixie hair
Credit: Instagram – @florence.hair

This pink pixie mullet wolf cut featuring asymmetrical bangs delivers a soft yet playful vibe. The subtle pink hue adds a magical touch, making it a suitable choice for those looking for a trendy hairstyle, but with a touch of simplicity.

5. Razor Pixie Wolf Cut With Defined Bangs

a girl with a blonde short pixie wolf cut wearing a red ribbed top
Credit: Instagram – @maggie.cuts

Take your sharpness one notch higher with this razor pixie wolf cut. The sharp lines and defined bangs create a crisp and bold appearance, highlighting the beauty of precision in hairstyling.

6. Wolf Style Pixie Cut With Tousled Bangs

a girl with a short hair cut, wearing a black mask
Credit: Instagram – @daymakerhair

Look all wild and untamed with this wolf-style pixie cut. The tousled bangs add a touch of carefree vibes, contributing to a lively and low-maintenance hairstyle.

7. Straight Razor Pixie Wolf Cut With Messy Bangs

a girl with a messy wolf cut wearing a spaghetti top
Credit: Instagram – @anti.dote_studio

This straight razor pixie wolf cut with messy bangs looks both classy and cool. The intentionally undone style offers a relaxed yet stylish appearance.

8. Pastel Pink Pixie Wolf Cut With Micro Bangs

a girl with a pink pixie wolf cut
Credit: Instagram – @leahbillingsby.hair

This blonde and pastel pink pixie wolf cut featuring micro bangs looks cool and composed. The delicate pastel shade contrasts with the bold cut, creating a unique and ethereal look.

9. Pixie Mullet Wolf Cut With Yellow Ends

a girl with a short mullet cut with yellow ends, wearing ear jewelry
Credit: Instagram – @honda.hair

This pixie mullet wolf cut with yellow ends is not for anyone and everyone. It’s for the daring and bold! The bright yellow tips add a pop of color to the edgy and modern hairstyle, making it a vibrant choice.

10. Pixie Wolf Cut With Side Swept Bangs

a woman with a bob style cut, wearing red glasses
Credit: Instagram – @colors_peluqueria_ibiza

This pixie wolf cut with side-swept bangs looks classy and elegant. The neat appearance of side-swept bangs complements the trendy wolf cut, creating a versatile and sophisticated hairstyle.

11. Curly Pixie Wolf Cut With Ash Highlights

a girl with a curly pixie cut, wearing blue earrings
Credit: Instagram – @regina_medoza

Curly hair, a pixie wolf cut and ash highlights! Isn’t that a dream combination? Boost the beauty of your natural curls with this curly pixie wolf cut. Ash highlights add depth and texture to the curls, resulting in a stunning and textured appearance.

12. Textured Pixie Wolf Cut

a girl with a short pixie cut sitting in a salon
Credit: Instagram – @seiva_jersey

This textured pixie wolf looks fabulous with a variety of outfits and styles. The intentional texture adds a sense of depth and character to the hairstyle, presenting a dynamic and elegant look.

13. Pixie Wolf Cut on Curly Hair

a girl with a curly pixie cut wearing a white mask
Credit: Instagram – @janina_ehrenberg_friseure

Who said you cannot ace a pixie wolf cut with curly hair? Well, here’s the proof! Tailored for curly locks, this pixie wolf cut embraces and enhances natural curls. The result is a unique and expressive hairstyle that celebrates the beauty of curly hair.

14. Chocolate Brown Pixie Wolf Cut With Curtain Bangs

a girl with a brown short haircut, wearing glasses wearing a white overshirt
Credit: Instagram – @vessel_haircompany

If you are looking for a simple yet trendy look, this chocolate brown pixie wolf cut featuring curtain bangs can be a suitable style. The rich brown color will boost your overall look, while the curtain bangs frame the face elegantly.

15. Brown Pixie Wolf Cut With Blonde Highlights

side-pose of a girl with a brown pixie wolf cut
Credit: Instagram – @gianluca_sh3

Blonde highlights are common but they become unique when teamed up with a pixie wolf cut. This brown pixie cut with blonde highlights can make you standout no matter where you go. The contrasting hues add a stunning touch to the hairstyle, creating an eye-catching look.

16. Pixie Wolf Cut With Lavender Choppy Bangs

a girl with a pixie cut with lavender bangs wearing a sweatshirt
Credit: Instagram – @toniandguy_wigan

We never thought lavender bangs could look so cool. This pixie wolf cut with lavender choppy bangs is all you need to add that extra spice to your personality. The lavender hue adds a pop of color, while the choppy bangs contribute to the edgy and trendy appearance.

17. Grown Out Red Anime Pixie Wolf Cut

side pose of a girl with an anime style bright red bob pixie cut
Credit: Instagram – @ingahairdesign

This grown out red anime pixie wolf cut is all you need to take the center stage no matter where you go. It just cannot go unnoticed. The vibrant red color and anime-inspired cut create a bold and expressive look that is hard to ignore!

18. Shaggy Pixie Wolf Cut

back pose of a girl with a shaggy short haircut
Credit: Instagram – @andrewscolouratelier

This shaggy pixie wolf cut can be a great choice for those who are looking for an elegant and effortless hair style. The intentionally tousled look adds a laid-back charm.

19. Rose Gold Pixie Wolf Cut With Side-Swept Bangs

selfie of a girl with a rose gold wolf cut
Credit: Instagram – @893hairstyles

This rose gold pixie wolf cut with side-swept bangs is a perfect blend of shimmer and elegance. The rose gold hue adds a touch of sparkle, while the side-swept bangs frame the face elegantly.

20. Wavy Pixie Wolf Cut With Messy Bangs

a girl with a wavy pixie wolf cut, wearing orange shades
Credit: Instagram – @josemontiel_hairsalon

A big shout out to all the wavy hair enthusiasts out there! Get ready to rock a contemporary and elegant look with this wavy pixie wolf cut featuring messy bangs. The intentional messiness adds a casual touch to the hairstyle, creating a carefree and stylish appearance.

21. Ginger Textured Pixie Mullet Wolf Cut

a girl with a ginger pixie cut with eye make-up, wearing a fancy shirt
Credit: Instagram – @mikaelvaughnhair

This ginger-textured pixie mullet wolf cut can set any stage on fire. The rich ginger hue can add vibrancy to your overall look, while the pixie mullet wolf cut becomes your trendy identity!

22. “Tokyo-Style” Pixie Wolf Cut With Bangs

Tokyo from Money heist with a pixie haircut
Credit: Instagram – @hareandbone

A fan of Tokyo from Money Heist? Why not try out her own variant of the pixie wolf cut! It’s one of our personal favorites!

23. Blonde Pixie Shag Wolf Cut

a woman with a blonde pixie wolf cut, with grey eyes wearing a velvet top
Credit: Instagram – @remeccahair

Neat and simple, this blonde pixie shag wolf cut can be a stellar choice for the busy bees out there. The blonde color accentuates the classy vibe, while the shaggy cut contributes to a stylishly laid-back appearance.

24. Duo-Toned Pixie Wolf Cut With Side-Swept Bangs

a girl with a duo-tone pixie cut and tattoos, wearing a spaghetti top,
Credit: Instagram – @hair.aide

Look all classy and sensational with this duo-toned pixie wolf cut comprising side-swept bangs. The stunning contrast of different shades adds an avant-garde vibe, creating a mesmerizing look.

25. Korean Style Pixie Wolf Cut

a girl with a pixie bob cut wearing a black spaghetti top
Credit: Instagram – @hair.aide

Enter the world of K-beauty with this Korean-style pixie wolf cut. The smooth-looking and fashionable hair cut captures the essence of Korean beauty trends, offering a classy and stylish appearance.

And there we have it, our top 25 picks of the pixie wolf cut to choose from! We know it’s a really bold haircut and may not be one everyone is willing to try. But if you are bold enough to give this a try, we’re sure you will not disappointed!

Let us know in the comments, which one is your favorite and what other hairstyles you would like to see!


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