30 Best Shag Cut Ideas for Women

Revamp Your Look with This Retro Style Cut!

By Muskan Verma
Best Shag Cuts

Bored of wearing the same old hairstyle all the time? Looking for a fresh alternative? The shag cut says “Hello!” The shag haircut involves layering hair to different lengths, making you look “shaggy.”

This unique style was originally styled by Paul McGregor for Jane Fonda for her movie “Klute.” Ever since there was no going back for the shag cut. Many celebrities viz. Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus, Mick Jagger, and David Bowie among others, have donned the shag cut!

During the early 2020s, the wolf cut was born from the shag cut. The wolf cut is a cross between a shag and a mullet cut, often accompanied by different kinds of bangs!

Take a look at our collection of the best shag cuts to choose from! You’ll find a variety of shag cuts – both those with a modern spin and the ones with a classic 70’s look. So, let’s get snipping!

Best Shag Cuts for Different Hair Sizes

1. Korean Style Short Shag Cut

A girl with short black hair wearing brown tank top
Credit: Instagram – @clogascoigne

Short hair and a shag cut are a heaven-sent combination! Add to that the Korean twist, and you have something special! K-dramas and K-pop have taken over the world and for their fans, this is just the perfect look to wear!

2. Short Shag Cut With Curtain Bangs

a girl with brown hair posing for the camera
Credit: Instagram – @clairexobeauty

Prefer something simpler? The short shag cut with curtain bangs is your friend! The simple looks makes you stand out while giving you a very stylish appearance!

3. Medium Shag Cut

a girl with black shaggy hair posing outside, wearing yellow aviators
Credit: Instagram – @spankthesinner

A shaggy look can be pulled off on any hair length! This medium shag cut is simple yet charming!

4. Long Shag Cut With Choppy Bangs

a candid shot of girl with long brown shaggy hair
Credit: Instagram – @the.labartory

Now doesn’t this look stunning? A beautiful textured long shag cut with choppy bangs is sure to make people around you go “WOW!”

5. Blonde Long Shag Cut With Curtain Bangs

a blonde girl with beautiful curls and bangs posing for the camera in a salon
Credit: Instagram – @phoebefriend_hair

Hair color is not a problem with the shag cut! This shag cut on long blonde hair is the perfect example! The look is stunning and sophisticated at the same time! The beautiful long curtain bangs add a touch of whimsy to the sophistication of this shag cut!

6. Bleached Blonde Bob Shag Cut

side pose of a girl with short hair and a black tank top
Credit: Instagram – @ashasalonspa

Who says bob-length shag cuts are a risky venture? Not at all! The bleached blonde bob goes perfectly with the shag cut!

Best Shag Cuts for Different Hair Types

1. Long Ginger Straight Shag Cut

a red-haired girl posing for the camera in a salon
Credit: Instagram – @revivedbyliv

A shag cut can look great on straight hair. Here’s a long, straight shag cut with a vibrant ginger hue, creating an effortlessly chic look!

2. Brown Layered Shag Cut With Side-Swept Bangs

a girl with long brown hair posing away from the camera, wearing a neckalce
Credit: Instagram – @hushhushbangbangoc

A brown layered shag cut accentuated by side-swept bangs – beautiful! The layers add depth, and the side-swept bangs frame the face beautifully for an effortlessly chic look!

3. Curly Shag Cut With Curly Bangs

selfie of a girl with very curly shag cut hair and green eyes
Credit: Instagram – @craphairclub

A shag cut isn’t just for straight hair. Here, a curly shag cut takes center stage, complemented by curly bangs that add texture and character to the look. Let’s celebrate natural curls!

4. Bronde Wavy Shag Cut With Choppy Bangs

a girl with long wavy hair posing for the camera, touching her hair
Credit: Instagram – @arcscissors

How about a bronde (brown + blonde for the confused lot) wavy shag cut adorned with choppy bangs. The waves, combined with the choppy bangs, create a textured and effortlessly chic look that’s sure to turn heads your way!

Best Shag Cuts for Different Hair Colors

1. Razor Shag Cut in Multi-Tone Colors

a girl with aqua blonde shag cut hair smiling for the camera
Credit: Instagram – @samihairmagic

This razor-shag cut defies convention with a bold splash of multi-tone aquatic colors. The edgy, textured layers and the fusion of colors result in a unique style that shouts “BOLD!”

2. Triple-Tone Shag Cut With Choppy Bangs

a girl with pink long hair and green eyes
Credit: Instagram – @razorfae

A triple-tone shag cut with choppy bangs showcases a captivating fusion of brown, blonde, and pink hues. The textured layers and the play of colors create a stylish and boldly unique look!

3. Brown-Pink Shag Cut With Fringe Bangs

a girl with long pink hair with blue eyes and purple tshirt
Credit: Instagram – @razorfae

Here is a stunning brown-pink shag cut with fringe bangs. The fusion of colors and the casual, textured layers create a chic and bold look.

4. Shag Cut on Short Sunset Color Hair

a girl with multi-colored shag cut hair and green eyes smiling for the camera
Credit: Instagram – @msnataliejean

Short hair transformed into a vibrant canvas. Here we have a shag cut, awash in the colors of a blazing sunset – orange, blonde, brown, and purple. This edgy and bold look is one of our personal favorites!

5. Butterfly Rainbow Shag Cut for Long Hair

a girl with curly rainbow colored hair
Credit: Instagram – @meaghanmastersonhair

This look is not for everyone but only for the boldest people! The enchanting beauty of a butterfly rainbow shag cut on long hair. The myriad of colors and the dynamic shaggy layers come together to create flamboyantly stylish look.

6. Brown and Blonde Shag Haircut

a girl with blonde and brown shag cut and green eyes
Credit: Instagram – @hairbyfitz

A brown and blonde shag haircut is just what you need. The fusion of these classic colors adds depth and character to the shag style, resulting in a timeless look. We especially like the way the colors have been used in patches and parts to create a pinwheel effect!

7. Lavender-Pink Shag Cut for Long Hair

a girl with long lavender pink hair and tattoos
Credit: Instagram – @freyavintage

Long hair transformed into an eye-catching statement with this lavender-pink shag cut. The soft and vibrant hues create a uniquely stylish and charming look that exudes an air of elegance!

8. Blonde Shag Mullet Haircut With Curved Choppy Bangs

a girl with a wolf cut and bangs, smiling pose
Credit: Instagram – @craphairclub

A blonde shag-mullet haircut with distinct curved and choppy bangs. This combination of a classic and edgy style creates a lively and captivating look!

9. Long Duo-Tone Shaggy Wolf Cut

a girl with long wolf cut, wearing a mask and spectacles
Credit: Instagram – @barnetfairhair

A long duo-tone shaggy wolf cut takes the spotlight, featuring a harmonious blend of hues of brown. The shaggy layers and the interplay of colors result in a naturally stylish and dynamic look.

Most Trending Shag Cuts for You to Try

1. Medium Shag Cut With Curved Bangs

a girl with long brown shag cut hair and tattoos posing for the camera
Credit: Instagram – @thegoodrichwife

A medium shag cut with artfully curved thick bangs. The layers and the graceful curve of the bangs add depth and character to the hairstyle!

2. Brown Wavy Shag Mullet Cut

a girl with brown bangs with her tongue out, wearing a green jersey
Credit: Instagram – @taylorbeasleyhair

A brown wavy shag mullet cut that’s hard to go wrong with! The waves and the edgy mullet style blend together to create a lively look, effortlessly capturing a blend of styles.

3. Blonde Butterfly Shag Cut

a girl with long blonde octopus cut and blue eyes
Credit: Instagram – @rachelwstylist

Discover the allure of a blonde butterfly shag cut in this image. The layers and distinct shape of the cut evoke the graceful wings of a butterfly, resulting in a chic and enchanting appearance! Another one of our absolute favorites!

4. Medium Mullet Shag Cut With Curtain Bangs

side shot of a girl with a muller haircut inside a salon
Credit: Instagram – @minthaircollective

A medium mullet shag cut complemented by curtain bangs. The distinctive combination of the mullet style and the graceful curtain bangs creates a dynamic and stylish look that effortlessly combines different elements of fashion.

5. Brown Shag Cut With Micro Bangs

a girl with blue eyes and brown hair with micro bangs in a salon
Credit: Instagram – @miaofmargate

How about trying out some micro bangs with your shag cut? This one is the perfect example of how pairing a shag cut with micro bangs can result in a great stand-out look!

6. Shag Cut for Wavy Ginger Hair With Curved Bangs

a ginger girl smiling for the camera, with tattoos
Credit: Instagram – @maddymarksbeauty

Effortless charm radiates from this shag cut tailored for wavy ginger hair, complete with gracefully curved bangs. The ginger waves and the curved bangs combine to create a naturally stylish and fiery look.

7. Shag Cut With Side-Swept Bangs

a girl with light brown hair, giving a side pose
Credit: Instagram – @lucyadorahair

Timeless elegance of a soft shag cut is paired with side-swept bangs! The silky bangs add depth and character to the style!

8. Shag Wolf Cut With Asymmetrical Bangs

a woman with long brown shaggy hair and green eyes, wearing many rings
Credit: Instagram – @logicalharmony

Shag wolf cut with daring asymmetrical bangs! The fusion of the shag style and the bold asymmetry creates a dynamic and natural look that showcases a sense of individuality.

9. Korean Shag Cut With Framing Choppy Bangs

a girl with a korean style shag cut
Credit: Instagram – @felix_kiekiesalon

The modern aesthetics of a Korean shag cut, accented by framing choppy bangs. The clean lines and the choppy bangs add depth and character to the style, creating a naturally stylish and trendy “K look.”

10. Bleached Blonde Octopus Shag Cut

back shot of a woman with bleached blonde shaggy hair
Credit: Instagram – @limesalonbridgest

Bold essence of a bleached blonde octopus shag cut, viewed from the back, showcasing the intricate layers and “tentacle” style. The bleach-blonde color adds a striking touch to this dynamic, making the look even better!

11. 70s Style Shag Cut on Curly Hair

a girl with a curly shag cut and green eyes, wearing a green mask
Credit: Instagram – @katiendxhair

A 70s-style shag cut is beautifully complemented by curly hair. The textured layers and the retro influence of the ’70s create a dynamic and naturally stylish look with a touch of nostalgia. The green eyes compliment this blonde haircut 100%!

With that, we’ve come to the end of our showcase of the best shag cut variants you can choose for yourself! All of them are stunning in their own way and capture a whole array of different shag cuts! Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite and what else would you want to see!


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